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The differences of PLC splitters and FBT splitters

2019-03-20 14:26:28

1. Technology behind FBT Coupler(or FBT Splitter) and PLC splitter.
FBT splitter: Fused biconical taper, this is traditional technology to weld several fiber together from side of the fiber.

PLC splitter: Planar waveguide is a micro-optical components product, using lithography, the semiconductor substrate in the medium or the formation of optical waveguide, to achieve branch distribution function

2. Disadvantages and advantages between FBT Coupler and PLC Splitter.



PLC coupler


FBT splitter (Fused)

Split Ratio


1*64 splits


1*4 splits



Can split light evenly


Eveness is not very precise



Compact size


Big size for multi splits

2, Optical Performance
We use fiber optic splitter to distribute or combine optical signals in many applications,
we have one question: Shall I use PLC or Fused Splitter ? When we do comparison, we need to do comparison for devices of the same split-ratio.




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