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What is the difference between fiber and cable?

2019-03-20 14:17:18

What is the difference between fiber and cable?

An optical fiber is a thin, flexible medium that transmits a beam of light. Most optical fibers must be covered by several layers of protective structures before use. The covered cables are called optical cables. Therefore, the optical fiber is the core part of the optical cable, and the optical fiber is formed by the protection of some components and the auxiliary protective layer.
The protective structure of the outer layer of the fiber prevents damage to the fiber from the surrounding environment. The fiber optic cable includes an optical fiber, a buffer layer, and a cladding. Fiber and coaxial cables are similar except that there is no mesh shield. The center is the light-transmitting glass core.
The fiber is usually bundled and protected by an outer casing. The core is usually a double-layer concentric cylinder made of quartz glass with a small cross-sectional area, which is brittle and easily broken, so that a protective layer is required. So the difference between them is here.



Advantages of fiber optic cable:
Fiber optic cable is a new generation of transmission media. Compared with copper media, optical fiber has greatly improved in terms of security, reliability and network performance. Fiber optic transmission bandwidth is much larger than copper cables, and the maximum distance supported is more than two kilometers. Fiber optic cable has the advantages of good anti-electromagnetic interference, strong confidentiality, fast speed and large transmission capacity.

Currently, there are two different types of fibers, single mode fiber and multimode fiber. Multimode fibers are typically used for network connections in the same office building or in relatively close proximity. Single-mode fiber delivers higher quality data and longer transmission distances, often used to connect between office buildings or geographically dispersed networks. If fiber optic cable is used as the network transmission medium, devices such as optical transceivers need to be added.

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