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Usource best,Passive Components cheap,PON Equipment,GPON OLT,EPON OLT,data center network solutions GPON ONU,sc type optical connector manufacturer,fiber optic patch cord multimode wholesale,optical transceiver schemati made in China Solution include GPON(GPON (Gigabit-Capable PON) and EPON(Ethernet Passive Optical Network)The ONU quantity connected to the OLT depend. on the OLT PON ports quantity and optical splitter ratio. For example, 2PON port OLT can connect 64pcs EPON ONU in 1:32 splitter ratio; ZTE Fiberhome ONT compatible GPON 8 PON ports GPON OLT If in 1:64 ratio,Compatible Huawei Fiberhome ZTE 4FE 4GE GPON EPON ONU ONT it can manage 128pcs ONU. Usource offer 4/8/16 PON Ports GPON/EPON OLT and 1GE, 1FE, 4GE, 4FE GPON/EPON ONU with CATVE and WIFI function.

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